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august 31 2012
Balancing The Infinite You
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fall exercise
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Let's Get Metaphysical
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Nature's Support
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updating the website and having fun!
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Updating the website and having fun!

I've had fun playing with what a website can do this weekend!  Yep, I've updated, added, subtracted, renamed had a a blast learning to do things I didn't think I knew how to do.!!!  I changed colors, fonts , making it more like me.  Ahh ...here  it is...more like me.  Isn't that what we do in life though?  We adjust,balance, learn to approach ourselves in a different manner.  Then when we do, there is so much more that we find out  about ourselves(or the website!) LOL... We find out that we can do so much more and infinite possibilities spill out.  And I had fun learning this stuff!

So, Rally on and find the smiles in the lessons--no matter how mundane and frustrating they are!!!  It's all about how you see it!
With many blessings of Joy!! 


"A determination to act a certain way.  Resolve. What one wants to bring about."

At any time you can work with your intentions.  However, it's January and still considered the beginning of a new year!!!  This is
magic time for intention. 

Is it time to rewrite your intentions?  Where is your "pinch" at the moment?  Something that just isn't working for you. How is it said?  "Change your life, Change your mind."  

Step back, reinvent your intentions and watch the shift in your life happen!!!
Life is magical! Experience it! 

Upcoming Class

The Healer’s Way:
 More than a Reiki I Class

February 4,  Saturday  9am to 3pm
You will receive a Reiki 1 attunement and certification that reflects lineage from the International Center for Reiki Training and the American Reiki Master’s Association.
Usui Contemporary Reiki
The Energy Body and Energy Healing
Spiritual Healing
Qi Gong
Reverend Sue Knutson
9 Hammond Pkwy
Middleport  NY 14105
160.00 dollars
75.00 “refresher” for those that have had an attunement

Staying Present

I had been to a church service some years ago that the officiate handed out some beautiful blocks of wood that were richly enscribed "The Present". How powerful to give and receive the gift of the present. No judgements, no past issues paralyzing us, no fear projecting a possible challenging future. The point of power is now. We lose so much of our power when we become vested in yesterday and tomorrow. We forget to live in the today.
During this busy time of the year with our world changing the truest richest present we can offer to one another is the choice of living that precious present moment in the today.
Merry Christmas!!!! May the blessings you receive be the desires of your heart!


I have always felt that personal  and global change is more possible with seasons and astrological shifts. Along with the Fall and your personal harvest, we also have stars moving in a pattern to assist in monumental changes in your life if you choose it.These changes you would desire for are attainable at any time, however, the energy from the movement of the Zodiacs are assisting you in your realization to a stronger degree. It's all about you.
Let's call it the Matrix of Change. The elements around you that bring about that change for yourself are: Thoughts and Beliefs, Intentions, Feelings, Actions, Energy, Imagery, Communications and Body(physical sensations). Tune in to these and develop them in line with the  realizing self.