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Let's Get Metaphysical

Let's Get Metaphysical

Past lives
 Is it possible? Have I lived a variety of lives that has enriched me with lessons that are directing me to a Divine Purpose?  This is Earth school, a mystery filled of infinite possibilities.
  Our dimensions between worlds are growing thinner. Our inner " knowingness " is becoming  stronger. Our other-than-worldly guidance is available just by asking for it.
   Memories of places and things are speaking louder to us. Remember me!!!  Lessons and lives can be recalled to bring about resolution, answers, guidance. It’s been said that karmic lessons are coming forth stronger in order to balance us in this evolutionary and vibratory rising we are experiencing, our karmic slate will again be clean. 
   We are remembering more.  Why we came into this world with certain attributes or certain flaws.  Why someone absolutely loves the Canary Islands, but have never been there.  You meet someone and you know them, but have never met them!!
   Curiosity, looking for answers on a present issue, or to break a repeated pattern are reasons that one would be drawn to experience a past life regression.  "It’s part of your soul’s intention to clear your eternal consciousness of any untruths".
  Spirit offers many ways to us in order that we  experience ourselves as the lights that we are. It is our birthright to be joyous and free from entanglements.

In Grace,