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august 31 2012
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updating the website and having fun!
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updating the website and having fun!

Updating the website and having fun!

I've had fun playing with what a website can do this weekend!  Yep, I've updated, added, subtracted, renamed had a a blast learning to do things I didn't think I knew how to do.!!!  I changed colors, fonts , making it more like me.  Ahh ...here  it is...more like me.  Isn't that what we do in life though?  We adjust,balance, learn to approach ourselves in a different manner.  Then when we do, there is so much more that we find out  about ourselves(or the website!) LOL... We find out that we can do so much more and infinite possibilities spill out.  And I had fun learning this stuff!

So, Rally on and find the smiles in the lessons--no matter how mundane and frustrating they are!!!  It's all about how you see it!
With many blessings of Joy!!